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Re: Tick mark function

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  • Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 06:59:45 -0400 (EDT)
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On Jul 25, 2006, at 4:01 AM, D. Grady wrote:

> I'm working on a problem that involves creating a large group of
> ListPlots, and the scales of the individual plots are not necessarily
> similar.  When displaying these plots together in a GraphicsArray, the
> tick mark values on the plot axes can be bunched so tightly that they
> are illegible.  What I would like to do is display a single tick mark
> on each axis at the maximum value of the axis.  In the documentation
> for Ticks, it says that you can supply a "function to be applied to
> x_min, x_max to get the tick mark option," but I've been  
> unsuccesful in
> getting this to work.  I've tried
> Ticks->{Max[#1,#2]&,None}
> Ticks->{Max[#]&,None}
> Ticks->{Max,None}
> to no avail.  Does anyone know how this setting for Ticks is intended
> to function?  I have spent some time going through the group archives
> and found many references to the DrawGraphics package which includes a
> CustomTicks function; if all else fails I'm sure that would be a
> solution, but I was hoping for something more straightforward.  Thanks
> in advance!

Here is a Tick function I wrote recently.  Does not matter how big  
the data set is it always puts 15 tick marks on the horizontal axes.

Ticks -> {({#1, StringJoin[ToString[ToDate[#1][[2]]], "/", ToString 
[ToDate[#1][[3]]], "\n", ToString[ToDate[#1][[4]]],
        ":", ToString[ToDate[#1][[5]]]]} & ) /@ Take[Select[cg2Adj 
[[i]], Last[cg2Adj[[i]]][[1]] - #1[[1]] <= 14400 & ][[
       All,1]], {1, Length[Select[cg2Adj[[i]], Last[cg2Adj[[i]]][[1]]  
- #1[[1]] <= 14400 & ][[All,1]]],
       Floor[Length[Select[cg2Adj[[i]], Last[cg2Adj[[i]]][[1]] - #1 
[[1]] <= 14400 & ][[All,1]]]/14]}], Automatic}

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