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Re: NonLinearRegress Problem

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  • Subject: [mg68377] Re: [mg68346] NonLinearRegress Problem
  • From: Darren Glosemeyer <darreng at>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 06:06:41 -0400 (EDT)
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This happens because deb gets evaluated before teta, n, and t are 
numeric.  To keep deb from evaluating before all necessary quantities are 
numeric, you can add NumericQ checks to each of the arguments as follows.

deb[teta_?NumericQ,n_?NumericQ,t_?NumericQ]:= 9 n (t/teta)^3 Nintegrate[(x^4

If deb has already been defined using the other definition in your session, 
you will want to


first.  Otherwise the definition without ?NumericQ checks will still be 
seen and result in the same problem as before.

Darren Glosemeyer
Wolfram Research

At 05:23 AM 8/2/2006 -0400, jour wrote:
>I have the following problem with NonLinearRegress
>I have defined the following function
>deb[teta_,n_,t]:= 9 n (t/teta)^3 Nintegrate[(x^4
>I can Table this function without problem
>Table[{t, deb2[100, 3, t]}, {t, 1, 200, 5}]
>but when I try to use this function in NonlinearRegress
>fut = NonlinearRegress[dat,
>deb2[teta, n, t],
>{t}, {{teta, {10., 50.}, 0., 1000.}, {n, {1, 3}, 1, 70}}]
>I get an error message
>NIntegrate::"nlim"  t/teta is not a valid limit of integration
>any suggestions ?

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