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Re: Trouble with Module in a package

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  • Subject: [mg68405] Re: Trouble with Module in a package
  • From: gardyloo <gardyloo at>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 06:07:40 -0400 (EDT)
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gardyloo wrote:
> Hi, all,
>    I'm having a problem with one of my functions as defined in a package
> I've written. I'll try to create a simple example to post -- the package
> is tied into several others for the moment. For now I'm hoping that
> someone can recognize the symptoms and give me some hints.
>    The main problem is this: the function (which is a module) doesn't
> work when called directly from the package (which was developed on v.
> 5.1 on Windows, but misbehaves both in Windows and in v. 5.2 in linux).
> HOWEVER, the function works great when I evaluate the function
> definition in the package notebook, and then evaluate it.
>    In particular (I know that posting this without the explicit code
> might be futile, but I might as well try):
>       If I evaluate the function's definition (which is a Module), I
> might get
> In[14]:=  RingDown[dataset, showPlot->False]
> Out[14]= {\[Gamma] -> -2839., ringDownFunction -> 0.73716 / E^{2838.997*(-0.00229 + t)), centerFrequency$423 -> 59365.724, Q -> 131.386}
> The above is the expected and correct output.
> BUT if I start a fresh kernel and load the package using
> Needs["whatever`whatever`"], then the function might give me
> Out[14]= {\[Gamma] -> -2839., ringDownFunction -> 0.73716 / E^{2838.997*(-0.00229 + t)), centerFrequency$328 -> {0.002239928, -0.76763}, Q -> {4.95734*^-6, -0.0016989}}
> I have no idea where those numbers in the returned lists for
> centerFrequency and Q come from (I'm still trying to figure that out).
> But what really astounds me is that the package's definition evaluates
> differently from evaluating the function directly in the notebook (the
> former returns a list for some parameters; the latter returns single
> numbers). I've been very careful to load exactly the same packages for
> each test, and the results are always the same.
>          Any hints?
>                Thanks,
>                          Curtis O.
   Ah, yes. Through a tedious and wrenching regime of walking around a
lot and grimacing at nothing very much, I've determined that I didn't
load a required package in the BeginPackage[] portion of my new package.
I still don't know where those lists came from in the output, but since
things now work, I don't care.

   Thanks for putting up with my premature question.

Curtis Osterhoudt          
gardyloo at
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