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Re: Two strange problems with a notebook...

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  • Subject: [mg68498] Re: Two strange problems with a notebook...
  • From: Peter Pein <petsie at>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 06:28:33 -0400 (EDT)
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Giacomo Ciani schrieb:
> Hello,
> I'm been working on a Mathematica book for a lot of time, modifying it
> often and changing cell division and so on, and saving every time the
> modified version to a new file (as for now, I'm at "version 23").
> In the last versions, I'm experiencing two strange problems:
> 1) There is a line in a cell that is something like this:
> myPath= "c:\myFolder"
> When I evaluate the cell, the message windows shows the error (I'm
> reporting a cut->paste form the message window):
> The string '"' cannot be displayed with ShowStringCharacters->False due
> to an error in the string.
myPath="C:\\myFolder\\" (* double backslashes *)
myPath=ToFileName[{"C:", "myFolder"}]

> Observing the first double quote, I can notice that the space around it
> is unusual. Deleting a retyping it fixes the problem, but the next time
> I open (obviously after fixing and saving) the nb the problem is still
> there...
> 2) After some initialization cells, I have the main cell that does few
> operations and then  to perform two nested loops to calculate a
> simulation (one loop over several particles and one loop over the
> bounces each particle performs). In the last versions of the nb, if I
> evaluate the cell as is (after evaluating all the other cells),
> mathematica just skip to the end of the cell without actually exectuing
> any of the instruction in the cell.
> To fix this, it suffices that I modify the cell adding and deleting a
> carachter at any position... then I can evaluate the cell correctly.
> As before, fixing and saving doesn't solve the problem, that is there
> the next time I opne the nb...
> I also tried to copy all the cells to a new nb, but with no success...
> Any Idea about all this?
> Thanks a lot
> Giacomo

Hi Giacomo,

maybe it helps, if you select the cell, type <ctrl><shift>I and look for some \[InvisibleSpace] and other annoyances.
But do this in a copy of your notebook, because comments and indented text will be lost.


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