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Re: Postscipt fonts in graphics

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  • Subject: [mg68667] Re: Postscipt fonts in graphics
  • From: Jens-Peer Kuska <kuska at>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 03:35:53 -0400 (EDT)
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have you a PostScript (*.pfb) and a metric file (*.afm) file
and told the Mathematica PostScript interpreter where it can
find the AmazingFont ??

If you using the correct font name, i.e.
Graphics[Text["Hello World!", {0, 0},
                 TextStyle -> {FontFamily ->"Wingdings"}]] // Show
you will see it in the FrontEnd but exporting the set to PostScript
may cause problems.

Your second question is "no" because the kernel knows nothing about the
font metrics and can't determine the character width .. only the 
FrontEnd read the font metrics.


Diamond, Mark wrote:
> I have two questions related to fonts in graphics. First, I have a number of
> postscript fonts installed.  They appear as one would expect in the
> Mathematica menu under Format->Font, and also, if I use something like
> txt = StyleForm["Hello World", FontSize -> 36, FontFamily -> "AmazingFont",
> FontWeight -> "Ordinary"]
> then the output appears correctly (i.e., it looks right, having the correct
> font) as the display value for txt. Furthermore, if I simply embrace this in
> Text[] such as
> Text[txt, {0,0}]
> the output shows
> Text[Hello World, {0,0}]
> again with the text of "Hello World" being displayed within the Notebook in
> AmazingFont. But when I put that Text[] into a graphic,
> Show[Graphics[Text[txt,{0,0}]]]
> the font is now substituted with Helvetica. I have used Ctrl-E to examine
> the postscript of the graphic, which confirms the Helvetica. What am I doing
> wrong, and please, how can I correct it?
> The second question is a repeat of one which appeared many years ago on the
> newsgroup (1992?) but received no reply at the time. It is this. Can one
> interrogate the font metrics from within Mathematica so that one can
> discover the dimensions of, say, the letter "i" in Helvetica font 14 point.
> Cheers,
> Mark R. Diamond

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