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Re: Several functions in a single 2D-plot

"Vicent" <vginer at> wrote in message 
news:ec19f0$oir$1 at
> Hi, everyone!
> I am new to Mathematica, and I have a quick question that will be very
> easy for you, I guess.
> How can I plot several functions within the same 2D graphic?
> For example, I want to draw the PDF of 3 continuous statistical
> distributions (I mean, 3 functions), but put together into the same 2D
> plot.
> Thank you in advance!
> --
> Vicent

You will need to perform a ListPlot for each PDF, but assign each ListPlot a 
name.  So do:

Bino = ListPlot[ your info]
Hyper = ListPlot[ your info ]
Chi = ListPlot [ your info]

Then use the show command to put them all together.

Show[ Bino, Hyper, Chi]

You could also look up the "MultipleListPlot" function.  Either way works. 
I like the former. 

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