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Re: high dpi expressions aren't allowed to be exported correctly - got a workaround?

this didn't get through the first time

On 8/24/06, Chris Chiasson <chris at> wrote:
> Export["blah.png",
>   HoldForm[(Subscript[X,C]/2)^2+Subscript[Y,C]^2\[Equal]4],"PNG",
>   ImageResolution\[Rule]1200]
> Show@Import["blah.png"]
> Even though this picture is actually less than three inches wide,
> Mathematica insists on wrapping it to a new line because, in some way,
> it thinks the picture is rendering at 86 dpi (my monitor dpi). On your
> computer, it will be slightly different. This is totally unacceptable.
> When the picture is shown on a printed page, it will be wrapped
> awkwardly. Thank god it doesn't try to wrap Graphics.
> Does anyone have a workaround?
> Please don't suggest EPS unless you know a Formatting Objects
> processor that works well with it.
> --


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