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All - Re: basic complex number question

Thanks to everyone, the ComplexExpand is the remedy.

If I define
 >  f[z_] := Sqrt[z]
 >  Re[f[1 + \[ImaginaryI]*3]]
just writes it up without solving, whereas
 >  ComplexExpand[Re[f[1 + \[ImaginaryI]*3]]]
actually gives the solution
------->  10^(1/4) Cos[ArcTan[3]/2]


Jean-Marc Gulliet wrote:
> Daniel Mazur wrote:
>> My apologies for asking a question *this* basic, but here goes:
>> Functions Im[] and Re[] don't really evaluate imaginary and real part of
>> analytical expressions. What do I need to do to get this done?
>> Thanks,
>> Daniel
> Daniel,
> Could you, please, post at least one example (or counter example) 
> illustrating what you really have in mind?
> Regards,
> Jean-Marc

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