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Re: Re: Annoying Maximize behaviour

Pratik Desai wrote:

> I was quite surprised that the following worked
> Maximize[Exp[-x^2]*Sin[x],x]//N
> >>{0.396653, {x -> 0.653271}}

Yes, it just calls NMaximize. It's the same for Integrate, Sum, and other such functions. For example:

In[1]:= Sum[Exp[-k]*Sin[k^2], {k,1,Infinity}]

            Sin[k ]
Out[1]= Sum[-------, {k, 1, Infinity}]

In[2]:= N[%]

NIntegrate::ncvb: NIntegrate failed to converge to prescribed accuracy after 7
     recursive bisections in k near k = 22.3143.

Out[2]= 0.218384

Wolfram Research.

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