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Re: Set function

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  • Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 04:11:37 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Unal,
(a,b] is not a data structure available in Mathematica.
You must use data structures of the Form Type[data], where Type can e.g. 
be List or a Type of your own choosing.

Examples using Lists:

ClosedSet={closed,a,b,closed}; OpenSet={open,a,b,open};

Example using ArbitraryType[data..]:

MyOpenSet= MySet[open,a,b,open]
or we can put the information about closeness into the header:
MyOpenSet= OpenSet[a,b]

Functions can then be set up like:

fun[{open,a_,b_,open}]:=....  for the first case or




Here is an example:

MySet1 = OpenSet[2, 3];
MySet2 = CloseSet[1, 10];
fun[OpenSet[a_, b_]] := 2a - b;
fun[CloseSet[a_, b_]] := a - 5 b;




Unal Ufuktepe wrote:
> I am trying to do define set function as follows:
> Let A=[a,b]
> (closed set);or (a,b) (open set) or (a,b] or [a,b) (semi
> closed sets)
> f(A) is piecevise function with respect to A (closed, open
> or semi closed)
> Let f(A)=2a-b if
> A=[a,b]
> =a-2b
> if A=(a,b)
> =3a-2b
> if A=(a,b]
> =5a-3b if
> A=[a,b)
> How can I define this function? I tried "Switch"
> command but because of [. ],[. ),... symboles It did not
> worked.
> Unal Ufuktepe,PhD 
> Izmir Institute of Technology
> Department of Mathematics, 
> GUlbahce-Urla, Izmir 35435
> Phone:(232)-7507614 
> Home:232-7571614 
> Mobile phone: 5358969646

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