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Re: Colored Tick Labels?

FrameTicks ->
    {xTicks, yTicks, topTicks, rightTicks} /.
  "-Pi" :> StyleForm["-Pi", FontColor -> Red]

Bob Hanlon

---- AES <siegman at> wrote: 
> To create frames with different scales and tick labels on each axis, I 
> habitually use syntax like:
>    xTicks={{-1,"-Pi"}, {0.5,"0"}, {1,"Pi"}}
> and so on, and then
>    FrameTicks->{xTicks, yTicks, topTicks, rightTicks}
> Question:  Any simple way to apply a different color to the set of ticks 
> on each axis ***without having to insert a syntax like
>    StyleForm["-Pi", FontColor->Red]
> into each and every individual quoted "-Pi" label separately?


Bob Hanlon
hanlonr at

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