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Filemaker JDBC Mathematica5.2

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  • Subject: [mg67029] Filemaker JDBC Mathematica5.2
  • From: "Alfredo Polo" <alfredo_polo_md at>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 05:10:04 -0400 (EDT)
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I have been fighting during tha last week against the following problem 
without success. Can anybody help me?

I have a Filemaker 8 database and I want to access (retrieve) it from 
Mathematica, make some calculations (radiobiological modelling, fuzzy 
modelling) and put the results back in Filemaker...

1. Filemaker 8 natively supports ODBC/JDBC, so I created a dummy database 
using Filemaker8 (just a few fields and entries, just one table) called it 
"PruebaMathematica" and activated "Filemaker Pro -> Sharing -> ODBC/JDBC". I 
left the database open.
2. In a separate installing package (from the original CDRom) I got the 
client drivers  (DataDirect Sequelink for JDBC 5.4 Installer). I run the 
installer and I now have "Library/Java/Extensions/driver/lib/sljc.jar" It is 
supposed to me that this is the client driver I need to access data in 
3. I registered the driver using the terminal (java 
4. Then I moved to mathematica, following the online documentation I opened 
Xcode and create a file named "_Filemaker_Prueba.m" with the following code:


and put in Mathematica5.2/AddOns/Applications/DatabaseLink/DatabaseResources

That is supposed to be the client driver for mathematica
In Mathematica I can run this code
In[1]:=Needs ["DatabaseLink`"]
Out[2]:= {filemaker, hsqldb, jtds_sqlserver, jtds_sybase, mysql, odbc}
That means that the file is recognized having good format

5. I created another piece of code for the SQL connection. It is called 
"PruebaMathematica_3.m" and resides in 

	"Name" -> "PruebaMathematica_3",
	"Description" -> "Prueba de conexion a traves de JDBC",
	"Username" -> "",
	"Password" -> "",
	"RelativePath" -> False,
	"Version" -> 1.

6. Back to Mathematica I tried to open "PruebaMathematica_3" without 
success. I ran in parallel the following ("demo" is the demo conecction that 
comes with Mathematica):

In[141]:=conn1 = OpenSQLConnection["demo"]
              conn2 = OpenSQLConnection["PruebaMathematica_3"]
Out[142]:=SQLConnection[demo, 20, Open, <>]
Out[143]:=OpenSQLConnection[JDBC[filemaker, ;
    databaseName=PruebaMathematica;DBUser= Alfredo iMac17], Description -> \
Prueba de conexion a traves de JDBC, Location -> \
/Applications/Mathematica_5.2/Mathematica \
    DatabaseResources/PruebaMathematica_3.m, Name -> PruebaMathematica_3, \
Password -> , RelativePath ->
    False, Timeout -> None, Username -> Alfredo iMac17, Version -> 1.]
Out[144]:={SQLConnection[demo, 20, Open, <>]}

So I can get no data because I cannot set up a connection for Filemaker. Do 
anybody see where the problem could be??

My system: iMac17 G4 with Tiger. Java SDK 1.4 and 1.5. Mathematica 5.2 and 


Alfredo Polo MD
Brachytherapy Unit.
Catalan Institute of Oncology
Barcelona. Spain

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