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Re: NDolve + ParametricPlot


The first argument in ParametricPlot (i.e. Evaluate[{x[t] /. sol,
D[x[t] /. sol]}] ) gives

    {  { InterpolatingFunction[{{0.,3.}},<>][t]} ,
{InterpolatingFunction[{{0.,3.} },<>][t]}}

You must get rid of the curly List brackets around the
InterpolatingFunction for ParametricPlot to work correctly. You can do
this using [[1]]. Note also that Evaluate is not necessary.

The correct command then reads:

ParametricPlot[{(x[t] /. sol)[[1]], (D[x[t] ] /. sol)[[1]]}, {t, 0,

Best Regards
Norbert Marxer

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