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Re: About subscripts

mibelair at wrote:
> Hi all,
> I use mathematica 5.2 for students. Normally, I charge the package
> Utilities`SubscriptSymbols` and runs very well. But, when I operate
> with symbols E or I (both with subscripts) Mathematica yields "e" or
> "i" with subscripts. I think is more elegante to obtain "E" or "I" with
> subscripts, because "E" or "I" without subscripts are constants and "E"
> or "I" with subscripts are symbols.
> How can I to convert "e" or "i" with subscripts to "E" or "I" with
> subscripts.
> Thanks
The following command can get the effect that you want:

MakeBoxes[Subscript[E, k_], StandardForm] := MakeBoxes[Subscript["E", 
k], StandardForm]

David Bailey

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