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Re: Define a matrix function with size as argument

On 11/15/06 at 6:45 AM, sgiannerini at (Simone Giannerini)

>I am quite new to Mathematica and I have the following problem I
>could not find track of both in the Forum and in the documentation.
>I need to define a matrix function with size of the matrix as an
>argument. The function produces a tridiagonal matrix:

>Q[w_] := MatrixForm[SparseArray[
>{i_, j_} /; Abs[i - j] <= 1 -> Which[i < j,
>a[i - 1]*(1 - (i - 1)/(2*w)), i > j,
>(a[-i + 2*w + 1]*(i - 1))/(2*w), i == j,
>(-(1 - (i - 1)/(2*w)))*a[i - 1] -
>(a[-i + 2*w + 1]*(i - 1))/(2*w) + 1],
>{2*w, 2*w}]]

>dum = Q[2]

>the problem is that dum is not recognized as a matrix so that
>operations like Inversion and the like do not work.

Don't use MatrixForm in the function Q[w_]. MatrixForm puts a 
wrapper around the array and is causing your problem. If you 
prefer (as I do) to see the array displayed in MatrixForm, the 
best way to achieve this is to set the default output to 
TraditionalForm and forget the existence of MatrixForm altogether.
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