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Wolfram Workbench 1.0 - usage pop-ups

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  • Subject: [mg71404] Wolfram Workbench 1.0 - usage pop-ups
  • From: "Fiona H Evans" <fevans at>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 04:30:23 -0500 (EST)

I am relatively new to Mathematica, but started using it this year to
write a package for simulating the evolution of herbicide resistance in
agricultural systems, and comparing the outcomes using different
management practices. While I've enjoyed making use of Mathematica's
exceptional capabilities, one of the most frustrating things I've found
about coding in Mathematica was the lack of syntax highlighting and
debugging facilities. So I was quite excited about using the new

First, I had to get my code into workbench. I'm building on the code of
several other people who have used StandardForm formatting extensively,
and so all my .m files were full of extra symbols and formatting that I
had to edit out. I finally got there and then I had a problem with my
usage pop-ups (one of the coolest things about the Workbench). The
pop-up window is too small and strange things happen to the Strings
that form my usage statements.

For example,

fun::usage="This is a very simple function that is exactly the same \
as the functions in the Wolfram Workbench Help (Mathematica Development
User Guide). I am writing a very long usage statement because in the \
packages that I am using, I have made extensive use of Mathematica's \
overloading capabilities and so many of my modules have very long \
usage statements, often outlining the different types of inputs that
may \
be provided to the module, and the different outputs that the module \
will produce given those inputs. One of the bugs that is troubling me \
is that I seem to get stray 'newlines' in the usage statements when
they \
are displayed in the pop-up windows in Workbench. The only way I can
avoid \
this seems to be by typing my usage statement in one complete line. \
But there is no line-wrapping in the Workbench editor, so that makes\
it very hard to edit the usage statements.";

doesn't fit in the pop-up and gets a stray newline somewhere in the

Surely it would be relatively simple to make the pop-up as large as it
needs to be?

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