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Re: Bookmarks in Mathematica????

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  • Subject: [mg71708] Re: Bookmarks in Mathematica????
  • From: "David Reiss" <dbreiss at>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 04:04:26 -0500 (EST)
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I think that some of this should be quite doable, especially in the
context of the infrastructure of my "A WorkLife FrameWork" package

But more generally writing a function for the bookmarking of content in
a general notebook--if that notebook's location isn't changed, say,
from one directory to another--should be relatively simple. It involves
finding the notebook's file path (using the  function
NotebookInformation) and tehn tagging the content with a unique cell
tag.  Then one uses NotebookLocate to retrieve the notebook and hilight
and go to the tagged content.  This is similar to how your are using
buttons in the cells that you quote below (but you could also use
HelpBrowserLookup as well).

With regard to automatically bookmarking material in the help browser,
I have to give that a bit of thought since I am not quite sure how to
gather the portion of the help brower that a particular piece of
material resides in just from processing the cells in its entry (eg,
whether it's a RefGuideLink or a MainBookLink for example) as the cells
in the entry only have the tags that are in the ButtonData that you are
using in your example, but don't tell which RHS to put on the
ButtonStyle in your example (both bits of information which are needed
for using HelpBrowserLookup).

The infrastructure and functionality of allows for a lot of locating
notebooks and information, and I will be adding more in the course of
its future functionality.

A 15 day trial version is available.  Give it a try and send me
suggestions--I am quite likely to implement them or to provide
solutions that can be added yourself to custom buttons if it makes



Philipp wrote:
> I have searched far and wide ( and this news
> group) and I couldn't believe that nobody has thought about it before.
> I am a relatively new user (<6 months) and I get progressively more and
> more frustrated trying to find things again. Say, a few weeks ago, I
> read some useful stuff in the Help Browser that might have been
> pertinent to a problem I am presently working on. Trying to remember
> the item or the context directly or through associations is time
> consuming and often fruitless.
> >From my present knowledge of Mathematica FrontEnd programming, it
> should be relatively simple to create a Bookmarks palette that
> implements, you've guess it, bookmarks.
> The Bookmarks palette should allow bookmarking all notebooks (including
> the Help Browser). Setting a bookmark should be registered in the
> palette as a "link object" and presented to the user as a button (name
> should be derived or "inherited" with the user being able to change
> it).
> By the way, it would be nice to have Help Browser (or maybe overall)
> History capability as well.
> Am I wrong thinking it would be a relatively easy task? Can anybody
> point me in the right direction?
> Cheers,
> Philipp.
> P.S. Currently, I have a special notebook in which I create "bookmarks"
> manually, e.g.,
> Cell[TextData[{
>   StyleBox[ButtonBox["EvaluationNotebook",
>     ButtonData:>{"EvaluationNotebook"},
>     ButtonStyle->"RefGuideLink"]],
>   "[] Path & FileName of the current notebook ",
>   StyleBox[ButtonBox["Mathematica 2.11.3",
>     ButtonData:>{"2.11.3", "3.1"},
>     ButtonStyle->"MainBookLink"]]
> }], "Text"]
> However, this is extremely time consuming & I would like to automate
> this process". P.

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