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Re: Re: On order of options to Graphics

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  • Subject: [mg70364] Re: [mg70323] Re: On order of options to Graphics
  • From: "Nasser Abbasi" <nma at>
  • Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 03:07:12 -0400 (EDT)
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From: "Murray Eisenberg"
To: mathgroup at

> As I said in my posting to this thread, the documentation DOES expliclty 
> give the order required!

May be we are using different version of Mathematica? I am using 5.2

This is a screen shot of the help window on Graphics.

As you can see, in the help description, it does NOT not give the order of 
directive relative to primitive.

It only shows the order of primitive relative to options at the very top. 
Then it just says below that "the following directives can be used".

As a side note, examples should not be used as a substitute for 
documentation on how to compose commands.


> Nasser Abbasi wrote:
>> "Bill Rowe" <readnewsciv at> wrote in message 
>> news:egi1os$j9l$1 at
>>>> It seems more logical to me to write {Primitive,Directive}.
>>> This seems totally illogical to me. This is asking Mathematica
>>> to draw a primitive before the directives on how to draw that
>>> primitive are given. Why would you expect this to work? Clearly,
>>> all Mathematica can do is draw the primitive with default directives.
>> I am looking at this from the point of view that it is more normal to say 
>> :
>>         "Draw a line with thickness 2 and color red".
>> Rather than say :
>>          "Draw with thickness 2 and color red a line"
>> Which is what Mathematica wants. That is why I said the order is not 
>> logical to me.
>> Any way, This is not a problem, I'll get used to it.
>> But I'll be happy if Mathematica documentation can explicitly give the 
>> order required and not leave it for the user to guess or to have to 
>> experiment or read other books in order to determine the correct calling 
>> signature.
>> I do not think is something too much to ask from the help system to 
>> provide.
>> Nasser
> -- 
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