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RE: For Routine to Map Routine

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  • Subject: [mg70445] RE: [mg70400] For Routine to Map Routine
  • From: "David Annetts" <davidannetts at>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 02:36:00 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Benedetto,

> Dimensions of ans01 is 2185850 by 5.
> I am looking to convert my For routine to the more efficient 
> Map routine
> n=Length[ans01]
> fo={};
> For[i=1, i<n, i++,
> If[ans01[[i,1]] == ans01[[i+1,1]],
> AppendTo[fo, ans01[[1]]]];
> I tried
> Map[If[#[[1]] == #[[1]],#]&,ans01];

You are attempting to find all elements in a list such that the first
element in successive list elements is identical.  From this sublist, you
want only the first entry.

Given that I want to test with 100 elements rather than 2185850, 

	TableForm[ans = Array[Random[Integer, {0, 10}] &, {100, 5}]];

We can isolate the first element from each list using

	tst = ans[[All, 1]]

If successive elements are identical, then differences between them will be

	Position[tst - RotateLeft@tst, 0]

Documentation for Part[] shows that we can use its output to take specific
elements from an array.  In conjunction with the last step we have

	ans[[#]] & /@ Position[tst - RotateLeft@tst, 0]

This has an extra level of nesting that we can remove by mapping Flatten.
Again, in conjunction with the last step ...

	Map[Flatten, ans[[#]] & /@ Position[tst - RotateLeft@tst, 0], 1]

You want only the first part of this array.  Putting it all together, we

	tst = ans[[All, 1]];
	tmp = Map[Flatten, ans[[#]] & /@ Position[tst - RotateLeft@tst, 0],
1][[All, 1]]

If you're _really_ not interested in the other elements of arrays, then 

	Flatten[ans[[All, 1]][[#]] & /@ Position[ans[[All, 1]] -
RotateLeft@ans[[All, 1]], 0]]

Gives the same result.



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