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Re: ReplaceAll (/.)

I think you really want

(a b) /. Times -> List

and it does return


The pattern  x_Times  would pick "a part of an expression that - after
plugging into the function Times - gives True". There is no such part
of your expression so it is returned intact.

Regards, P.V.

Bruce Colletti wrote:
> Re Mathematica
> Why doesn't:
>                (a b) /. x_Times -> List @@ x
> return {a,b}?  My (flawed) reasoning is that a b has form Times[a,b], and so x matches to Times[a,b].  List@@x replaces Times with List to yield List[a,b], or {a,b}...or so it would seem.
> The explanation is somehow linked to the fact that:
>                (a b) /. x_Times :> List @@ x
> returns {a,b}, but I don't see why this works but not the above.
> Although List@@(a,b) returns {a,b}, I want to use the above ReplaceAll function (this example here is taken from a larger problem).
> Thankx.
> Bruce

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