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Re: repost -Difficulties with xml

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  • Subject: [mg69323] Re: repost -Difficulties with xml
  • From: "Jens-Peer Kuska" <kuska at>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 04:30:10 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Uni Leipzig
  • References: <edm1b4$co5$>


since you don't provide us an example of *your* 
XML file
here is an other
lst = 

and now we are looking for all the artists with

Last /@ Cases[lst, XMLElement["ARTIST", _, _], 

and now we look for the records of "Joe Cocker"

Cases[lst, {__, XMLElement["ARTIST", _, {"Joe 
Cocker"}], ___}, Infinity]

But it is up to you, if you wish to walk along the 
XML tree of the

document with a recursive program or to use the 
pattern matcher for

a more compact representation, i.e.

something like

Reap[lst /. {___, XMLElement["TITLE", _, title_], 
XMLElement["ARTIST", _, art_], ___} :> 
Sow[Flatten[{art, title}]]][[2]]

to get all artists and the album title in a simple 
list of pairs.



"Pascal Mercier" <pascalmercier at> schrieb 
im Newsbeitrag news:edm1b4$co5$1 at
| repost of my original message, which did not 
make it in full the first time for some reason:
| Dear all,
| I am having problems accessing and changing xml 
attributes/properties after importing an xml file 
and I'm looking for some help.
| z=Import["xmltest.xml","XML"];
| part of z looks like the following (sorry for 
the long lines here)
| XMLElement[ensemble, {ensemble->1}, { 
XMLElement[peak, {peakID->1},  { XMLElement 
[freq,{},{3.123}] ,  XMLElement 
[vol,{},{12.12}] } ] , XMLElement[peak, 
{peakID->2},  { XMLElement [freq,{},{8.101}] , 
XMLElement [vol,{},{0.552}] }]}]
| XMLElement[ensemble, {ensemble->2}, { 
XMLElement[peak, {peakID->1},  { XMLElement 
[freq,{},{6.163}] ,  XMLElement 
[vol,{},{2.111}] } ] , XMLElement[peak, 
{peakID->2},  { XMLElement [freq,{},{12.884}] , 
XMLElement [vol,{},{0.221}] }]}]
| Could anybody give me an hint about the correct 
syntax to use to be be able to directly access and 
change the value of the freq attribute of peakID2 
of ensemble2 for instance?
| I just can't seem to be able to find it after 
reading Mathematica's documentation.
| Thanks so much in advance,
| Pascal

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