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Re: Exporting text to (or in) vector graphics as "sentences"?

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  • Subject: [mg69366] Re: [mg69342] Exporting text to (or in) vector graphics as "sentences"?
  • From: gardyloo <gardyloo at>
  • Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 03:26:43 -0400 (EDT)

Hi, AES,

   The way I tend to do it is to export to EPS, then use (on a linux

      "pstoedit -f xfig <the.eps.file> <the.xfig.file>"

Once that's done, xfig can edit the file, and things like plot labels
and axes numbers are treated as text "chunks" appropriately. It *might*
work for file formats other than xfig; I simply haven't tried.

    The reason I use XFig, other than being used to it and knowing the
tricks, is that it works well with LaTeX in the file. I am not familiar
with regexps, so that I've written a Mathematica function to go into the
xfig files and change all the text objects to be LaTeX text. Then things
look great. If you want that function, I'll be happy to send it. Of
course, it's specific to XFig.

        Hope that helps somehow,

AES wrote:
> Don't know the right jargon for asking this, but:
> I sometimes want to export or save Mathematica text material (e.g., a 
> Table, or some output lines) or graphics containing text (e.g., 
> PlotLabels or Text[] material in an Epilog) to a vector graphics format 
> (EPS, PostScript, PDF), then edit this now graphics material (change 
> fonts, sizes, colors, words, move some of the text around) using 
> Illustrator or similar.
> Doing the post-export editing is a breeze if all or most of the text 
> strings in the exported material are in "sentence" format, i.e. appear 
> as single text objects to Illustrator.  
> In many cases, however, every character in the exported text seems to be 
> sent as a separate object, making editing a pain at best, impossible at 
> worst.
> Any ideas on how to export things so this doesn't happen?

Curtis Osterhoudt          
gardyloo at
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