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question about plot

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  • Subject: [mg69589] question about plot
  • From: dimmechan at
  • Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 03:50:36 -0400 (EDT)

***Hello to all.

***I have a simple function


ln[1]:=h[x_]:=x Tan[x]

***Here its Plot


***Plot has incorrectly connected the points at p/2.

***There are two approaches to deal with this bug.

***The first is to use a Block structure along with Show

ln[6]:=Block[{$DisplayFunction = Identity}, g1 = Plot[h[x], {x, 0,
ln[7]:=g2 = Plot[h[x], {x, Pi/2, Pi}]];
Show[g1, g2, DisplayFunction \[Rule] $DisplayFunction]

***The other is to define your code. Here is my attempt:




***However my plotdisc[] function has the disadvantage that can deal
with only one
discontinuity each time.

***How can I modify it (or if I can't, I look for another more elegant
code) so that to deal with
any number of discontinuities.

***In other words I look for a function (if mine cannot be modified)
which for example has the same output with

ln[16]:=Block[{$DisplayFunction = Identity}, gg1 = plotdisc[h[x], 0,
Pi, Pi/2];
    gg2 = plotdisc[h[x], Pi, 2Pi, 3Pi/2]];
ln[17]:=Show[gg1, gg2, DisplayFunction \[Rule] $DisplayFunction]

***Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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