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RE: Variables Within Homemade Functions

Hi Gregory,

> How can I ensure that variables in my home made function do 
> not conflict with variables with the same name outside the 
> function?  Say I have a variable, t, whose value in my 
> notebook is 17.  I've brought in a function from another 
> notebook, myFunction, that contains a variable named t, and 
> in running the function, t will take on a value.  
> Unfortunately, both t's are the same.  Is there any way to 
> make the t within the my function a local variable just like 
> index counters in the Table and Do functions?

You can use either Module[] or Block[] to localise a variable.

	t = 20;
	newt[a_] := Module[
	      t = a
	{t, newt[#]} & /@ Range[10]



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