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Re: Replace certain variable

On Apr 6, 2:44 am, "KFUPM" <hussain.alqaht... at> wrote:
> Dear Group
> If i have a term like : F[w]*Exp[I*w*t] where F[w] is an arbitrary
> function, and i want to replace w by x+ s*a only in the exponent not
> in F[w], i wonder what is the quickest and easiest way to do it
> provided that i have so many similar terms.
> Your help and prompt reply is highly appreciated.

There are many ways. The simplest is probably a delayed rule:
expr = F[w] Exp[I w t];
expr /. Exp[arg_] :> Exp[arg /. w -> x s + a]

E^(I*t*(a + s*x))*F[w]


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