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Re: numerical inversion of laplace transform

No helpful assistance can be given if you don't show us your involved
functions to be inverted.


=CF/=C7 dantimatter =DD=E3=F1=E1=F8=E5:
> hello all,
> i have a function G(t) which is a convolution of F(t) and p(t):
> G=F*p .
> now p(t) is a step function (p(t)=UnitStep[30-t]) and i know what G(t)
> is, but i'd like to get at F.  what i've been trying to do is take the
> laplace transform of G and dividing by the laplace transform of p,
> then inverting that to get F. i'm having a lot of trouble.   the built
> in inverseLaplaceTransform function is unable to do it, and i haven't
> found any numerical routines that are reliable.  is there some reason
> why i shouldn't be able to do this?  perhaps there are better ways to
> get at F(t)?  your advice is much appreciated.
> thanks,
> dan

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