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RE: Spurious Line

Hi Jeff,

> When I run the following I get what is obviously a spurious 
> straight line connecting (-100,0) and (300,400*.7).  How do I 
> get rid of that line?
> {{-100,0},{0,-100},{100,-200*.9},{200,-300*.8},{300,-400*.7},{
> },{100,200*.9},{200,300*.8},{300,400*.7}}
> ListPlot[%, PlotJoined->True]

It's not a spurious line.  You told ListPlot to PlotJoined and it did so,
based on the list you provided.

In order to get what you want, as opposed to what you've asked for, you'll
need to partition your list, then use something like MultipleListPlot[]

	newlst = {Take[lst, 5], Take[lst, -5]};



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