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Re: How to Eliminate

Hi! Takata,

The way to do it is store the solution in a variable and evaluate the
variable x using the solution variable

For example:

soln = Solve[(x - 0.1) (x - 0.5) == 0, x]
{{x -> 0.1}, {x -> 0.5}}

then doing this x /. soln gives {0.1, 0.5}



On Apr 15, 2:25 am, Jika... at wrote:
> Dear Members:
> When I use "Solve" in order to solve polynomials with high orders, its
> solutions are usually reterned in terms of a pair of nested braces,
> like {{x -> 0.1}, {x -> 0.5}}. In this situation, I would like to
> obtain a pair of braces such as {0.1, 0.5}.  In other words, I would
> like to know how to eliminate x ->.
> How can I obtain my result?
>       Sincerely
>       F. Takata.

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