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Re : Re: Interpolation

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 05:11:05 -0400 (EDT)
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Thanks Jean-Marc
I did what you said and of course it works. Then I realised that
I have another problem! I do Save["tmpfile1",abcd] in the first
notebook then Save["tmpfile2",abcd] and so on. The problem is that
all variables have the same name in each notebook. I have abc and d
with the same definition. I built one notebook on the first
set of data then I renamed the notebook and just change the name
of the dataset I'm doing the same calculations on all data sets.

Now is it possible to change the name of variables when I do a save.
Or do I have to go back in each notebook and change the variable names.


Robert Pigeon

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De=3A Jean-Marc Gulliet =3Cjeanmarcgulliet=40gmailcom
Date=3A Lundi Avril 16 2007 4=3A58 am
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 Robert Pigeon wrote=3A

  Here is the situation=3A I have four notebooks =

 In each I have
  datasets and I use Interpolation[dataset] to get an =

 interpolation function
  for each dataset Now I need to use those four interpolations =

 in a fifth
  notebook that is not probably going to run at the same tim=
e =

 as the other
  (they will be closed) I do not want to read all the data =

 again and compute
  the interpolations to use them So is it possible to save o=
r =

 copy the
  different interpolations to a new notebook and use them=3F

  I could probably use FindFit and then copy the =

 polynomial function in a different notebook to use it But I =

 need a good fit a very
  good fit Actually I need the precision given by Interpolation=


 Hi Robert

 You could use the function *Save* [1] and *Get* [2] For =

 example in the =

 first notebook you can do all your computations get the =

 interpolating =

 function and finally save its definition in a file

 (* First Notebook *)
 data = Table[=7By=5E2 y=7D =7By 1 10=7D]=3B
 sqrt = Interpolation[data]=3B
 Save["C=3A=5C=5CTemp=5C=5Cmysqrt" sqrt]

 Now in the second notebook you can load the definition of the =

 interpolating function with *Get* as in

 (* Second Notebook *)
 sqrt = =3C=3C "C=3A=5C=5CTemp=5C=5Cmysqrt"=3B
 =7BSqrt[10] sqrt[10]=7D


 [1] http=3A//documentswolframcom/mathematica/functions/Sav=

 [2] http=3A//documentswolframcom/mathematica/functions/Get=



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