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More help on the Signals&Systems package


I fear that I'll need much more help with this package than I thought.

One of my probems is:
I have data from a measurement in the form of

The data is roughly 25.000 points. Now I've converted this into a function 
with Interpolation[data] to get an interpolation object. Now I want to 
apply a lowpass filter to this signal. I have a filter object like it is 
created within the Signals&Systems package.
Finally I want to visualize the plot so I type
SignalPlot[EvaluateOperators[filter[rawdata]],{t,0,10^6}], but this doesn't 
work. The signal plot returns a " not a real number at T=...)

Can I use Interpolation function objects within this package?
If not how can I filter my data? Should I convolute in time domain?

Thanks for your help

Oliver Friedrich

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