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Re: how to collapse a cell in v.6

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  • Subject: [mg79879] Re: how to collapse a cell in v.6
  • From: Jean-Marc Gulliet <jeanmarc.gulliet at>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 04:42:44 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
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rob wrote:
> Jean-Marc Gulliet wrote:
>> Steven Shippee wrote:
>>> In version 5 of Mathematica one could complete the keystrokes
>>> alt + c
>>> alt + r
>>> alt + c
>>> to collapse and/or expand cells.
>>  >
>>> How does one accomplish this in version 6. please - and thank you in 
>>> advance.
>> On my Windows system, the sequence of keystrokes 'Alt + c' opens the 
>> /Cell/ menu and 'Alt + r' opens the /Format/ menu. Since hitting the 
>> 'Alt' key plus a letter to access some menu options is the conventional 
>> way to build GUI in Windows, either you are not using Windows (but still 
>> have a keyboard with the 'Alt' key) or you have a heavily customized 
>> version of Mathematica.
>> At any rate, the default keystrokes to open or close a group of cells is 
>> 'Alt + shift + {' and 'Alt + shift + }', respectively. They match the 
>> menu entries Cell -> Grouping -> Open All Subgroups and Cell -> Grouping 
>> -> Close All Subgroups.
>> HTH,
>> Jean-Marc
> Sir, I am using V5.1 and I have wondered a long time how one 
> can group or ungroup cells. It would be handy at times to be 
> able to collapse a group of cells. But how does one define a 
> group of cells so they can be collapsed or uncollapsed? I've 
> tried highlighting a bunch of cells and then used every 
> cell/group menu item I can find but nothing ever happens.

You will be able to collapse only cells that have some hierarchical 
relationship. The most obvious is when using sections, subsections, 
etc., in a notebook. (Think of them as headers, sub-headers, etc.)

For instance, go to menu Cell -> Style and choose Section.
Enter some text in this cell, and below create a new cell with, say, a 
plot command. Evaluate it. You should see some bold text, the plot 
command and a graphic. Now select all the cell with Ctrl + A, and then 
Ctrl + { Now you should see only the title in bold.

> By the way my Windows system menu says Ctrl+' is the 
> keyboard shortcut - nothing about Alt+Shift.

I stand corrected. Of course your are right: the keyboard shortcuts 
start with the control key Ctrl and not Alt (same thing in version 6).

> I've looked all through the help system and have found 
> nothing about this subject. Could you give me a few key 
> words so I can search further on this? Thanks.

I believe that a good source of information and tutorial is section 
"1.3.5 Notebooks as Documents" of The Mathematica Book. It is available 
in the online help or at


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