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Re: Style in Manipulate

Bruce Colletti wrote:
> Re Mathematica 6.0.1 under WinXP.
> The code below produces red text that is neither italicized nor 30-point.  Yet I'm following the helptext for Style (Example #2).  
> What have I missed?  Thankx.
> Bruce
> Manipulate[
> Grid@{{ Text@Style[StringForm["Factors of ``", n],Red,Italic,30]},{Divisors@n}},
> {n,{2,5,6,8,12,18,45000},ControlType->Setter},
> TrackedSymbols->{n}]


I do have a clue on what happened on your system, but the very same code 
on my system displays big red italic letters! Have a look at



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