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  • Subject: [mg80690] GUIKit
  • From: John Wallbank <J.R.Wallbank at>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 04:13:15 -0400 (EDT)

I have been trying to use the GUIKit to create a GUI that first gives mathematica a single value (for the change in parameters when using parametricplot) and then tells mathematica to evaluate the entire notebook. Does any one know how to do this? So far I've created the GUI below but I don't really know how to get it to tell mathematica to do things:


GUIRunModal[Widget["Panel", {
        {Widget["Label", {"text" -> "Select resolution :
        "}], Widget["ComboBox", {"items" -> {"Lowest", "Low", "
                Medium", "High", "Highest"}, "editable" -> False}, 
          Name -> MyRes]},
        Widget["Button", {"text" -> "Run Animation"}, Name -> "myButton"],
        BindEvent[{"myButton", "action"},
            resol = PropertyValue[{"MyRes", "selectedItem"}];
            test = Switch[resol,
"Lowest", 1,
"Low", 2,
"Medium", 3,
                "High", 4,
                "Highest", 5,
                _, 3


PS; It would also be helpfull to know how to create a button to bring the GUI object up.

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