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Re: Questions on AstronomicalData

On Aug 29, 3:13 am, DrMajorBob <drmajor... at> wrote:
> At my machine I get:
> AstronomicalData["AndromedaGalaxy", "DistanceLightYears"]
> Missing["NotAvailable"]
> As for Pluto... who CARES if somebody decided it's not a planet?
> AstronomicalData["Pluto", "ObjectType"]
> "DwarfPlanet"

Attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of Mathematica ;)

In[1]:= AstronomicalData["Pluto", "Planet", "Note"]
Out[1]= "For convenience, Pluto is included as a planet even though it
is a dwarf planet according to the International Astronomical Union."


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