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Animation of a rotating object. (Mathematica 6)

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  • Subject: [mg80753] Animation of a rotating object. (Mathematica 6)
  • From: Nacho <ncc1701zzz at>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 23:49:53 -0400 (EDT)


I'm trying to make an animation of a rotating 3D object and I'm having
some problems.

I want to make a list of images to export them to an AVI file.

For example, the following object:

a = Plot3D[Sin[x y], {x, -5, 5}, {y, -5, 5}, MaxRecursion -> 1,
   PlotPoints -> 50, Mesh -> None];

I want to rotate it around the z axis slowly. I've tried Rotate and
changing ViewPoint, but neither work for me because Rotate distorted
the scale of every image and changing ViewPoint only works if I want
to rotate everything at the same time.

I think that I should use Rotate, so I can Rotate several objects in
different angles or speeds. But I would like to avoid the distortion
in the size of the image:

I've tried specifying PlotRange, and it looks promising, but I have
two problems: calculating the best PlotRange paramters so everything
is included, and maximizing the plotted area (so the white region
around the objects is minimized).

This is close, but a lot of white space is around the object, and I
have to set the limits of PlotRange by try-and-see.

b = Table[
  Graphics3D[Rotate[a[[1]], phi, {0, 0, 1}], Boxed -> False,
   PlotRange -> {{-7, 7}, {-7, 7}, {-1, 1}}], {phi, 0, 1/4 Pi,
   1/4 Pi /5}]

Any hint to do this?

The object doesn't need to be this particular Plot3D. It could be a
ParametricPlot3D, several Graphics3D primitives, etc.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards.

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