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Re: Exporting Sound

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  • Subject: [mg83840] Re: Exporting Sound
  • From: "Hans Michel" <hmichel at>
  • Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 04:07:32 -0500 (EST)
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ding = SoundNote["F", 1, "Tinklebell"];
Export["C:\ding.mid", Sound[ding], "Sound"]

What tipped me off to the format was what is in the General Help File for 

"Style ... represents General MIDI instrument"

Now how to get MIDI sound to a Wave format?

There is an example Under Sound > EXAMPLES > Applications
data = SystemDialogInput["RecordSound"]

This opens a dialog box to record a sound. The Input is a Sound Driver but 
then how do you record the ding which you would play in Mathematica?

There must be an easier way?

Note that "Wav" format is primarily a Windows audio format that plays in 
Windows Media Player, but Windows Media Player can also play MIDI files.

There are some free introductory software that can read MIDI files

Like (can it export to Wave?)

There are many that will convert MIDI to Wave.


"Helen Read" <hpr at> wrote in message 
news:fireum$s1h$1 at
> Has anyone succeeded in exporting sounds (as .wav) from v.6? The
> documentation indicates that this is possible, but I could not find a
> single example of how to actually do it.
> As a simple example (I'm actually working with far more complicated
> sounds), try this.
> ding = SoundNote["F", 1, "Tinklebell"];
> Sound[ding] brings up a GUI for playing the ding sound.
> EmitSound[Sound[ding]] can be used to play the sound programatically.
> But what is it that I'm supposed to export?
> Export["ding.wav",ding] does not work,
> nor does Export["ding.wav",Sound[ding]]
> nor does Export["ding.wav",EmitSound[Sound[ding]]]
> (I admit this last was a longshot, but I tried everything I could think 
> of.)
> Depending on whether I try to export the SoundNote itself, or the Sound,
> or the EmitSound, I get error messages like:
> First::normal: Nonatomic expression expected at position 1 in First[None].
> Or:
> Export::nodta: "Null contains no data that can be exported to the WAV
> format."
> Or:
> Export::nodta: <<1>> contains no data that can be exported to the
> WAV format."
> So again, what is that I'm supposed to export?
> -- 
> Helen Read
> University of Vermont

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