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Re: Slider[] and Dynamic[] implementation details

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  • Subject: [mg83978] Re: Slider[] and Dynamic[] implementation details
  • From: dh <dh at>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 02:39:02 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Otto,

see below, Daniel

Otto Murphy wrote:

> Hey all,


> I'm curious about the workings of Mathematica 6's dynamic functionality.

> Specifically the interaction between Slider[] and Dynamic[] in this simple

> example:


> Slider[Dynamic[x, (x = 1 - #) &]]

> Dynamic[x]


> Okay so my first question involves removing the first embedded dynamic and

> leaving just the x, like so:


> Slider[x]

> Dynamic[x]


from the manual: Slider[Dynamic[x]] will reset the value of x when the 

slider is moved; Slider[x] will not.

> Intuitively, to me, the slider function should still be able to update the

> value of x and the dynamic should still be able to display those updated

> values. Like if slider were just like a normal function that updates the

> value of x in the kernel just like a new assignment statement would. BUT,

> this doesn't happen--X doesn't change. This makes me think there's some

> special mechanism here. Could someone explain it?


> My second question has to do with the second argument to Dynamic. Again,

> intuitively, to me, it seems like when dynamic looks for an updated value of

> x, it uses that function to assign it it's new value. But this couldn't be

> completely true because it doesn't work like this:



> Slider[Dynamic[x]]

> Dynamic[Dynamic[x, (x = 1 - #) &]]


> The dynamic display of x doesn't seem to use the function--it only works

> when it's in slider[]. Why is that?

First, I do not see any reason for a double "Dynamic". Second, how do 

you decide that: "The dynamic display of x doesn't seem to use the 

function". E.g. you can not simply say: Dynamic[x, (x = 1 - #) &], this 

would make a definition for Dynamic not x. To assign to x, you simply 

need to write x=...


> I looked through the documentation and didn't see anything addressing these

> kinda picky questions, but I'm just darn curious. Although Mathematica isn't

> open source, I'm assuming there are plenty of people out there who are

> familiar with implementation details like these.


> Thanks a lot for the help!



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