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Re: Exporting Sound

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  • Subject: [mg83998] Re: Exporting Sound
  • From: Helen Read <hpr at>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 03:11:00 -0500 (EST)
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Hans Michel wrote:
> Helen:
> Try
> ding = SoundNote["F", 1, "Tinklebell"];
> Export["C:\ding.mid", Sound[ding], "Sound"]

Thanks to everyone who suggested exporting to .mid. Unfortunately, 
though, this doesn't compltely help. The sounds I'm working with are a 
combination of sounds generated from SoundNote and sounds imported from 
.wav files. EmitSound doesn't have any trouble with these combined 
sounds, but it seems impossible to export them. So unless I can convert 
the SoundNote (midi) sound into some other format, I'm kind of stuck, 
since it's not possible to go the other way and convert the .wav into midi.

> What tipped me off to the format was what is in the General Help File for 
> SoundNote.
> "Style ... represents General MIDI instrument"
> Now how to get MIDI sound to a Wave format?
> There is an example Under Sound > EXAMPLES > Applications
> data = SystemDialogInput["RecordSound"]
> This opens a dialog box to record a sound. The Input is a Sound Driver but 
> then how do you record the ding which you would play in Mathematica?

Yeah, that's my question. I don't see how to get this to work. I could 
not get the example in the documentation to work, let alone anything else.

> There must be an easier way?

What I finally ended up doing was to play my sounds with EmitSound in 
Mathematica, and record them on a handheld digital audio recorder (which 
I have anyway, for purposes of recording the various music groups that I 
play in), then upload from my audio recorder to my computer, and save it 
as one big happy .wav or .mp3. This did work, but was kind of a clunky 
way to do it. I'd be happier if I had a direct way to convert from 
SoundNote / midi into .wav (or other non-midi format) from within 

Helen Read
University of Vermont

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