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Re: Hi presision problem

Artūras Acus wrote:
> Dear Group,
> How to calculate the expression with higher than machine precision?
> Mathematica 6 seems runs into serious problems (gives Inderetrminate)
> N[1 - Pi^(-InverseGammaRegularized[1, 0, 1 - 1/Sqrt[E]]) , 20]
> Sincerely, Arturas Acus

This is a bug which came about due to subtle changes in N[] during 
development of version 5. It will be fixed for a future release. At 
present a workaround would be to Do the numerical evaluation on an 
argument of InverseGammaRegularized, e.g.

In[2]:= InputForm[1 - Pi^(-InverseGammaRegularized[1, 0, 1 - 


Daniel Lichtblau
Wolfram Research

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