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Re: Precedence of Infix Operator

David Park wrote:

> I would like to use some less common infix operator, such as Colon or
> VerticalBar, but give it a precedence on input greater than Times. Is there
> a way to do this?


Though I have never tried myself, the online documentation tells us
that, "[...] it is possible to change the precedence of an operator
through the use of the TagBox option SyntaxForm. [1]" There are more
information in this advanced tutorial [2]. (Both relevant sections are
the last one of each tutorials, near the bottom of the pages.)

[1] "Changing Precedences in Notations" in _Precedence of Operators in
Doc. Center: Notation/tutorial/PrecedenceOfOperatorsInNotations

[2] "Changing precedences and the TagBox option SyntaxForm" in _Complex
Patterns and Advanced Features_
Doc. Center: Notation/tutorial/ComplexPatternsAndAdvancedFeatures

Best regards,

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