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Re: Plotting of Sin(x)/x

On 12/12/07 at 5:13 AM, drmajorbob at (DrMajorBob) wrote:

>This works fine in versions 5.2 and 6:

>Plot[Sin[x]/x, {x, -Pi, Pi}]

On either version 5.2 or 6 it will be very platform dependent as
to whether this works or not. As long as the automatic sampling
algorithm on your specific platform doesn't sample too close to
x = 0, this will work. But if it does sample at x = 0 it will fail.

Plot doesn't simplify expressions. Instead, it merely
substitutes a numeric value for x then evaluates the result. And
this process will give 0/0 if x is 0.

With version 6, the solution is to use the built in function Sinc.

With earlier versions, you can define sinc[x] as follows:

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