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Re: FileNameSetter button return state

Steve Luttrell wrote:
> Suppose that the file selection dialog starts up with a valid filename (e.g. 
> the filename that you had used on a previous use of this dialog), but then 
> you decide to press the "Cancel" button, how would you tell that it was 
> "Cancel" rather than "OK" that you had just pressed?

I don't know how to do this with FileNameSelector, but it can be 
achieved with a combination of Button and SystemDialog["FileSave"] or 

I have done this and found it pretty straight forward, so if you need 
more information I could try to find the code snippet, but probably you 
are faster rewriting it your way. The only pitfall I can remember is 
that you need to use Method -> "Queued" for the Button, otherwise the 
preemptive link is likely to time out...



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