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Re: Creating an application

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  • Subject: [mg84486] Re: Creating an application
  • From: David Bailey <dave at>
  • Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 02:56:25 -0500 (EST)
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Steve Luttrell wrote:
> I just tried to do something that should easily be possible in Mathematica 
> 6. To teach myself about user interfaces in Mathematica 6 I have developed 
> an application that presents itself to me as various panels / tabbed views / 
> etc that live in a notebook, and which works very nicely. Now I would like 
> to turn it into an application that I can run cleanly, with Mathematica 
> silently doing its work in the background, and not cluttering up my screen 
> with any window(s) other than the window that my application uses. To keep 
> things simple, it would be enough for me to create such an application for 
> my own personal use alone, so it is alright to assume that I have 
> Mathematica installed on my computer.
> For instance, if I build a simple "Hello World", then the notebook 
> expression looks like this:
> Notebook[{
> Cell[BoxData[
>  ButtonBox["\<\"Click Me\"\>",
>   Appearance->Automatic,
>   ButtonFrame->"DialogBox",
>   ButtonFunction:>Print["Hello World"],
>   Evaluator->Automatic,
>   Method->"Preemptive"]], "Output",
>  CellChangeTimes->{3.4076072169189997`*^9}]
> },
> WindowSize->{206, 152},
> WindowMargins->{{44, Automatic}, {74, Automatic}},
> FrontEndVersion->"6.0 for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) (June 19, \
> 2007)",
> StyleDefinitions->"Default.nb"
> ]
> When I paste this into Mathematica, save the resulting notebook, quit 
> Mathematica, double-click the notebook I just saved, then it fires up 
> Mathematica which then loads the notebook, and I am back in the usual 
> Mathematica environment.
> So my question is: How can one fix things so that Mathematica will run 
> invisibly in support of an application, so that you couldn't even tell that 
> the application was powered by Mathematica, for instance?
> Stephen Luttrell
> West Malvern, UK 
One solution is to use my Super Widget Package(SWP) (free from my site). 
This will enable you to create a Java frontend to your project. You can 
also do this with GUIKit, but this seems to have problems if you try to 
use it in kernel-only mode so as to eliminate the ordinary Mathematica 
bar at the top. The GUIKit is also very badly documented and I doubt if 
WRI are developing it any more.

Once you have a working SWP interface, you can start it from a .m file 
without the FE.

I agree with what you are probably thinking - why can't you do something 
equivalent with all the new code in 6.0 - I guess they never thought of it!

David Bailey

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