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I have some problems during the processes.

\!\(sol =
    NDSolve[{2\[Times]\(y'\)[x]\[Times]y[x] +
            x\[Times]\(y''\)[x]\[Times]y[x] -
            x\[Times]\((\(y'\)[x])\)\^2 \[Equal] x\[Times]y[x],
        y[0.00001] \[Equal] 1, \(y'\)[0.00001] \[Equal] 0}, y, {x, 0,
      MaxSteps \[Rule] 1000]\[IndentingNewLine]
  f[w_?NumberQ] :=
    2\[Times]Integrate[\((Evaluate[y[x] /. sol])\)\^\(-1\)\[Times]
          x\/\@\(x\^2 - w\^2\), {x, w, 1}]\[IndentingNewLine]
  << Graphics`Graphics`\[IndentingNewLine]
  curve = LogLogPlot[{f[w], w}, {w, 0.01, 0.99}]\)

However, the prcesses work well when I just "Plot" the curve, not
"LogLogPlot" it.
I don't know what's wrong....

Thanks a lot!!!

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