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  • Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 02:14:48 -0500 (EST)

how do you do multiple columns - applying a differnt latex style takes a 
  lot of rework

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Subject: [mg73255] Re: Re: Publicon
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 09:13:43 +0000 (UTC)
From: Steve Luttrell <steve_usenet at>
Newsgroups: comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica
References: <ei4m3f$dnm$1 at> <ei9oql$218$1 at> 
<200611021148.GAA15692 at> <eiepk2$l41$1 at>

For many years I have done all of my research work using Mathematica, and
nowadays I write my papers using Publicon, and then exporting as LaTeX
because this is the best format for submission to various places such as

For long equations, I prefer all my editing to be at source, rather than in
the exported LaTeX, so I split my equation into smaller pieces which I 
into the cells of a column vector. This is not perfect but it works.

For pasting between Mathematica and Publicon, I have found that the most
robust way to do this is to use Copy As Cell Expression.

Publicon has a very nice bibliographic database facility which I have now
standardised on, and you can play around with whatever style sheet you are
using to control what bibliographic information appears in the 
backmatter of
your document. Assuming you want to use a Mathematica-like environment, 
I don't know of any other way of automatically using a bibliographic

I too have wondered whether Wolfram has decided to give up on Publicon, but
my real hope is that they will merge it with Mathematica to enhance 
ability to handle LaTeX.

Steve Luttrell
West Malvern, UK

"Benoît Carmichael" <benoit.carmichael at> wrote in message
news:eiepk2$l41$1 at
> email at a écrit :
>> An additional user opinion about Publicon. I bought Publicon when it
>> went out and used it a lot to write reports which were targeted to
>> LaTeX. I strongly agree with your "you have to be patient enough to
>> develop a way of working"... I always managed to obtain what I wanted,
>> but with patience. Ma patience ran out when I wanted to control from
>> Publicon where my long equations would be split in LaTeX. Again, I
>> found a way to do it, but it is annoying since it asks to edit the
>> LaTeX file after translation. I must say that I am also quite deceived
>> that it has been so long since the release of  1.0.1. It is a nice
>> product, priced quite low, but many little things have to be improved
>> and improvement takes a while to show up.
>> Personally, a few months ago,  I have switch to using Mathematica for 
>> writing
>> small reports (agree with you that it would be wonderful to have
>> Publicon capability within Mathematica) and BaKoMa TeX World (which is 
>> also
>> very reasonably priced) for LaTeX stuff.
>> GL
>> On Wed, 1 Nov 2006 09:19:17 +0000 (UTC), "Steve Luttrell"
>> <steve_usenet at> wrote:
>>> I use it because it is the best way that I can find to transfer material
>>>from Mathematica to LaTeX. Publicon is still only at version 1.0.1, so 
>>> have to be patient enough to develop a way of working with it that
>>> circumvents its foibles.
>>> I wish Wolfram would include Publicon-like capabilities in Mathematica
>>> itself.
>>> Steve Luttrell
>>> West Malvern, UK
>>> "rees" <reesevans at> wrote in message
>>> news:ei4m3f$dnm$1 at
>>>> Is anyone currently using Publicon? I've just started using it, but
>>>> have found no recent references to it on the web. Thanks.
> I cannot agree more with you.
> I purchased Publicon when it came out hoping that it would work well in
> tandem with mathematica to produce technical paper. I found quicly that
> mathematica output cells could not always be paste directly in publicon
> documents. In particular, i realised that some cells become uneditable.
> At the time, I contacted Wolfram staffs on this aspect and they
> conformed me that I had discover a bug in publicon. As far as I know, no
> patch have been posted to correct this problem. I gave up lately and
> decided to go back using mathematica only.
> I suspect that publicon did not sell well which lead to no further
> developpements.
> -- 
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