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Re: question on Plot and Show plus Axis Labels

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  • Subject: [mg72579] Re: question on Plot and Show plus Axis Labels
  • From: "Gopinath Venkatesan <gopinathv at>"
  • Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 05:20:23 -0500 (EST)

My sincere thanks to David, Bill, Pratik and Bob.

I got it working now. I used MultipleListPlot for the problem, with Frames -> True. I think if I dont use Frames, rotating the y-axis label is difficult. Here is a sample of my code.

MultipleListPlot[{y0, y, y1, y2}, PlotJoined -> {True, True, True, True}, Frame -> True, 
  FrameLabel -> {FontForm["XaxisLabelhere", {"Courier-Bold", 14}], FontForm["YaxisLabelhere", 
     {"Courier-Bold", 14}]}, PlotStyle -> {{Thickness[0.005], GrayLevel[0.75]}, {Thickness[0.005], GrayLevel[0]}, 
    {GrayLevel[0.75], Dashing[{0.009}]}, {GrayLevel[0], Dashing[{0.009}]}}, 
  PlotLegend -> {"Analytical 1", "Analytical 2", "Test 1", "Test 2"}, ImageSize -> 500, PlotRange -> All, 
  RotateLabel -> True, SymbolShape -> {None, None, None, None}, LegendPosition -> {-0.7, -0.45}, LegendSize -> {0.7, 0.3}]

I see that Plot is working if we directly substitute the functions inside, as well as to some functions with a rule, and in some cases, we need Evaluate[] for the same. But somehow, when I used Plot[] for my dataset, its giving me error saying 'not a machine-size real number at x=1.0000+'. The command MultipleListPlot works great.

For example, see the below code.

n = 5; 
x = Table[i, {i, -n, n}]; 
y1[x_] := x; 
y2[x_] := x^2; 
y3[x_] := x^3; 
p1 = Table[y1[x[[i]]], {i, 1, 2*n + 1}]; 
p2 = Table[y2[x[[i]]], {i, 1, 2*n + 1}]; 
p3 = Table[y3[x[[i]]], {i, 1, 2*n + 1}]; 
Plot[{y1[x], y2[x], y3[x]}, {x, -n, n}]; 
Plot[p1, {x, -n, n}]; 

Plot works fine when we directly substitute the functions, but not when we place the table of data already generated. Placing Evaluate[] or //N in Table doesnt help too.

Gopinath Venkatesan
Graduate Student
University of Oklahoma

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