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a problem with integrate

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  • Subject: [mg72669] a problem with integrate
  • From: "starryin" <starryin at>
  • Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 05:02:52 -0500 (EST)

hello everyone,i'm a student in China.i meet with a problem when i
using mathematica to do this expression

¦Ò[x0_, y0_, y1_, z1_] := N[(1/10)*Sqrt[x0^2 + (y1 - y0)^2 +
z1^2]*(Abs[y1 - y0]/x0 + 1)]
f[y_, z_, y1_, z1_, x0_, y0_] := N[1/((2*Pi*¦Ò[x0, y0, y1,
z1]^2)*N[e^(((y - y1)^2 + (z - z1)^2)/(2*¦Ò[x0, y0, y1, z1]^2))]),5]
D1[x0_, y0_] := NIntegrate[f[y, z, y1, z1, x0, y0], {z1, 0, 2.44}, {y1,
0, 69}, {z, 0, 2.44}, {y, 30.84, 34.5}]

after i define the function ,i input D1[3,5] to get one answer ,but i
got a warning message:

Integrand epr(i can not paste the expression here) is not numerical at
{z1, y1, z, y}= {1.22`, 34.5`, 1.22`, 32.67'}.

who can tell me how can i solve the problem? do i need to use Integrate
instead of NIntegrate? or do i need to add some other parameter ?
i' m so sorry that my english is not good enough to express my question
?but i still wish some one can solve my problem

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