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simple modification of Solve

I introduce the following trivial modification of (the output of) Solve

solveMod[eq_Equal, x_] :=
   ({x -> #1[[1]], If[Length[#1] > 1, StringJoin[ToString[Length[#1]],
"-ple root"], "simple root"]} & ) /@
    Split[x /. Solve[eq, x]]//(TableForm[#1, TableAlignments -> Center,
TableHeadings -> {None, {"root\n", "multiplicity\n"}}] & )

Here is a simple application

solveMod[(x - 1)^2*x*(x - 3)^3*(x + 5)^5*(x + 2) == 0, x]

I look for other possible similar one-liners.
Any response will be greatly appreciate.


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