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Re: a old post again

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  • Subject: [mg72742] Re: a old post again
  • From: Bhuvanesh <lalu_bhatt at>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 06:56:47 -0500 (EST)

Well, the old result was wrong :)

In[1]:= $Version

Out[1]= 5.0 for Linux (July 10, 2003)

In[2]:= Integrate[(Log[a*x]/Sqrt[1 + x^2])*BesselJ[0, x], {x, 0, Infinity}] //InputForm

Out[2]//InputForm= BesselI[0, 1/2]*BesselK[0, 1/2]*Log[a]

In[3]:= N[% /. a->2]

Out[3]= 0.681436

In[4]:= NIntegrate[(Log[a*x]/Sqrt[1 + x^2])*BesselJ[0, x] /. a->2, {x, 0, Infinity}, Method->Oscillatory]

Out[4]= -0.316503

Wolfram Research.

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