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Re: Option for continuous plot

Virgil Stokes wrote:
> I have defined the following two functions:
> poissonProcess[ä½?_,n_] := FoldList[Plus,0,Table[-1/ä½? Log[1-Random[]],{n}]]
> showPoissonProcess[ä½?_,n_,opts___] := With[{pp = poissonProcess[ä½?,n]},
> Show[Graphics[{AbsoluteThickness[1.5],Table[Line[{{pp[[i]],i-1},{pp[[i+1]],i-1}}],{i,1,n}]}],
> Axes\[Rule]True,opts]];
> for plotting a Poisson process; i.e.,
> SeedRandom[1];
> showPoissonProcess[4, 20, AspectRatio -> 0.3];
> does indeed plot this process. However, I would like to have an option 
> that would allow for these horizontal lines to be connected; i.e., 
> produce a continuous curve.
> Is there a easy way to do this?
> Thanks,
> V. Stokes

Hi Virgil,

You should use the function ListPlot with the option PlotJoined->True


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